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deserves at least a sarcastic laugh. 

this has been on my dash all day and I just got it now

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Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.

i was like, ohhhh what adorable little - AHHHHHH NO


but this is so cute :c

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No other words! :D

11. Who Is your most memorable NPC villain?

Doubtless that is Lord Valeidos, a Neutral Evil mage/warlock that loves to indulge in the kidnapping of hot girls from near villages.
He’s smart, charming, and resourceful, and his obsession in trying to drag to his faction my character Alfonse of Candlekeep (a mage that calls himself librarian, a sort of anti-Valeidos) is irritating, also because Alfonse is firmly sure that smart people have to help others. Nevertheless, as a villain, he’s the objective of all the group and there’s no doubt that Alfonse is taking the existence of that man a personal insult.


so, since i deleted my other blog obviously the giveaway post was deleted as well

there’s no way for me to recover the urls of the people who had previously reblogged it, so as an apology for that i’ve added a few things


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and, once again:

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ends april 9th because that’s my birthday and i’m hella conceited

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10. Of all your characters, who was closest to being evil aligned?

Well, Moran Mor IS Evil. Lawful Evil, to be accurate.
He’s a necromancer who worship Nethys and the very essence of Knowledge.
Due of a pact with am demonic being, he’s almost 100 years old, while he looks in his early 30s, and only recently he manipulated the group of the other Pcs to track down and destroy that being. He keep working his “immortality” by the consumption of the vital essences of other humans, and only occasionally eating regular food.

He lives in a tall tower (that was his master’s) full of secrets that sometimes are dangerous for him too, and in that tower he continues to study anatomy like an Evil Leonardo da Vinci, often with living subjects, and he’s a valuable inventor. He keeps working to an ever unfinished flesh golem and on his powerful spells, and increasing his knowledges of death itself.

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I absolutely adore this drawing (?) and how it’s capturing a lesbian relationship in an uncommonly captured and beautiful, light-hearted and fun way.

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